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So this whole story begins with me introducing a Caucasian friend of mine to a Filipina friend.  Lets, just say everything went perfect and fast forward a few years later and I get a wedding invitation in the mailbox.  Of course I plead guilty of bringing these cute couple together, and all thanks to me (just kidding) the world will be seeing a cute offspring of mixed babies pretty soon.  Now let me digress for a second and talk about the stereotypical American-Filipina couple that we often see in the Philippines.  We have all heard (and seen) stories of older Americans going to the Philippines and marrying a younger filipina half or even a quarter his age.  Of course we all know that there was not a mutual attraction (ehem) between the two, but more like a “monetary” attraction.  But my friend’s story is different, it is one built from love, respect and mutual attraction.  And yes, they are both very “in-love” and are of the same age, if your still wondering.

Now, let me talk about the emotional and moral physiology of a Filipino woman.   Lets look at my mom for example ( she’s not too internet savvy, so she may never read this…)  At less than five feet, my mom was one the strongest woman that I knew (mentally and emotionally of course).  She was tough as nails but she also had a gentle and compassionate heart. I saw this during a visit back to my homeland a few years ago.  I never had the chance to really know my mother in a deeper level, but during that visit I realized how much generosity she really has. We all know how much poverty there is in the Philippines and my mom was willing to literally give out the clothes in her back, to those in need.  This is a woman that raised me and my two younger siblings almost single handedly, coming here in this country (US) with less than a dollar in her name. A Filipino mother is the strongest woman I know.  She was raised from the school of hard knocks. Her parents (my grandparents) grew up in Spanish Era in which they valued hard work and strict discipline, and this values were passed down and bestowed upon her.

Loyalty is a characteristic that is embedded on a lot Filipinos, but even more so with the Filipina. This all goes back to her family upbringing.  Growing up, she would see it in her mother and aunties how being of service to their husband is important. Not out of gender bias or gender supplication but because of the promise and commitment.  She commits loving her husband forever hence there is no such thing as divorce in the Philippines.  Her love holds no boundaries and when she vows to give you her love till eternity, to her it means forever.  If you feel that you have found the perfect one, the one that understands and respects you as a man and as person, don’t waste this opportunity.  When a filipina tells you she loves you, she truly means it with every cell in her body, mind and heart.  A filipino woman’s love hold no boundaries and reaches the highest universe.  Don’t just date a filipina, instead when you find the perfect one… marry her true being and respect the compassionate heart that she has to offer to you.




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  1. Yes I totally agree, I married a filipina and I couldnt be anymore happier


  2. Money obscessions and love of hustling, american worship and no real culture other than the zeal for money.


  3. The Filipina sure loves her family. Which means not her husband or her kids. Rebellion and disloyal is her true colors. I have to protect the kids from her. Abusive with her mouth. It’s hard to tell the truth about them without using bad words. They say they love and fallow God but they don’t even know what headship means. My life is ruined by her she is just a user but I am fighting for the kids. I don’t want her to ruin their lives.


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